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 Terms and conditions

1. Registered sebegai member or members of platinum (Reseller)

2. If enough to register as a Platinum Member and confirm to pay Rp.50,000 LINE: unklehouse for approval.

3. Premium Member Amenities:

• Registration is first gets 20 points

Prices go down

• Listed in the gop discussion

• E-Book "Jago Sale" and other

• Enjoy coupons - coupons and vouchers on specific events

• Although not want to sell the goods back or be a reseller, can be consumed alone with a relatively cheap price

• 100% money back

4. Member if the facility has unklehouse provide:

• Enjoy coupons - coupons and vouchers on specific events

• Earning points to be redeemed.

• 100% money back

5. Transaction ONLY THROUGH THE WEBSITE. Do not accept transactions through other media.

6. Product freely marketed anywhere such as: social media (facebook, instagram, twitter), marketplace (Tokopedia, bukalapak, shopee, dl), websites and offline) ..

7. Get a point from every purchase that can be exchanged for prizes, such as:

1. Toll

2. Voucher shopping

3. Rupiah

6. About Delivery:

1. Prices do not include postage and there is an option to download in the store

2. For Platinum Members goods will not be in between but grab at the store (conference center).

3. Postage borne by consumers respectively.

4. Delivery to the member outside the city (abroad) and TIKI JNE courier for overseas use FedEx

5. If you order goods over 10 kg, we use the services of expedition JTR (JNE Trucking).

6. The product applies per-period of 1 year, if the product runs out during the period is still valid then it will be produced again in 1-4 weeks.

7. The form of damages and losses courier is not our responsibility (the claims process will be helped).

8. Willing obey all regulations to safeguard the common good, for which the maximum service.

9. We are only responsible until the package sent by courier / dispatch, next is the responsibility of courier / dispatch if there is a delay / damage due to shipment, etc. We still help follow up and claims.

Returns / Returns

1. Consumers can retur for 30 days (due to smallness, size, model), subject to the confirmation of returns up to 3 days setelahbarang up if more than 3 days then it can not be processed.

2. If the product is defective, the confirmation as soon as a maximum of 3 days after the goods arrive. If more than 3 days there was no confirmation it will be considered ordinary returns.

3. The return postage borne by consumers. Except for defects or errors on the part of bandros. Confirmation Returns maximum of 3 days since Delivered.

4. Any returns will be done consumers, MANDATORY filling in the form of returns that we attach to each shipment, If you do not fill out and attach the form again returns then returns WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

5. Any returns that do consumers, MANDATORY confirmation via the website so we can track when returned goods have arrived in our warehouse.

6. Any returns that do consumers, MANDATORY return the goods in accordance with that we submit (complete with box / plastic, barcode, etc.). Returns known if there are signs Kotor (ex-worn), Returns can not be processed.

7. Seterah returned goods we receive, we will automatically add a deposit to your account in accordance with the price of products in-returns. You can book returned goods diretur using deposit balance we have added.

8. Address returns already available in the form of returns that we inserted in every shipment.

Deposit and Refund / Refund

1. If there is an empty order, we will provide notification BY EMAIL (if possible we will inform you via whatsapp / sms) and we will automatically cancel the order and the funds will be incorporated into the deposit.

2. Deposit you can use to order goods returned.

3. Deposit applies for life and will not burn.

4. Member has the right to request a refund / return of the funds in the deposit a maximum of two times in one month. For a while request a deposit through whatsapp CS. Form refund request is being made.

5. We will process a refund within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after we receive a request for a refund / refund.

6. Refunds / refund can only be made to the account of BNI and BRI. In addition, transaction costs will be borne by the member.

Recommendation / Advice Services

1. Mandatory serve customers with friendly.

2. Use the greeting "brother / kak" followed by the name of consumers.

3. Use emoticons smile at each end of the sentence conversation.

4. Do not forget to say "thank you" every transaction.

Product Price

• Each brand has a product price respectively.

• We will send the price list in Excel format in which already contained MEMBER PRICE and PRICE UP 20% and 40%.

• Dropshipper / Reseller is free to choose and determine their own selling price.

• Prices in the web is the purchase price to members. Not the selling price to the consumer member.

• All prices include postage from Medan to the Outer City.

Account number

The account number belonging to unklehouse only contained below, besides not account

• BNI 0428819286 in the name of Septian mahyudi Lubis

• BRI 005301076173509 on behalf Septian Mahyudi Lubis

Stock of goods

• Almost all goods in bandros is Ready Stock, but each vendor has a stock of daily goods that can be discharged at any time.

• If the goods ordered are being empty, it will be produced again within 1-2 weeks (could be faster / longer That depends availability of raw materials).

• If the member has been ordered goods but apparently empty stock items, we will provide notification BY EMAIL (if possible we will inform you via whatsapp / sms) and we will automatically cancel the order and the funds will be incorporated into the deposit.

• If the information on the website unklehouse stock items available but we declare empty goods there are several reasons including; goods were in service, the goods do not pass QC / disability, or status of the goods already on the message to others.

Working hours

• Monday - Friday at 09:00 to 17:00 pm

• Saturday at 9 a.m. to 13:00 pm

• Sunday, Independence Day, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha HOLIDAYS.

At times the rules can be changed and will be informed for comfort together.

Contact us :

081260693125: septian

085297333629: Septian

LINE: unklehouse

IG: unklehouse_medanolshop

BBM: 52163CEC